Andris Marackovskis

Mandala. 2018. Cardboard packaging, video

Heater. 2018. Bicycle, wood, styrofoam, color, video projection

Andris work “Heater”, shows viewer that he is responsible for every movement in surrounding, that he is the generator to create good or bad for the nature and don't forget that he is part of it.

Mandala” is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe, but this time without religion, but supermarkets as rituals in our minds - perfect lives with products that never ends. Every day you know that there will be more and you can go shopping and forget all bad things. But in reality - perfect illusion cost with food waste behind supermarkets without responsibility for a human lives and nature.

Agita Marackovska

Nerves. 2018. Fabric, gym balls, news papers

4 Drawings. 2018. Paper, pencil, markers, colored paper, glue

Guidelines. 2018. 7 pieces, glass, color, wood, led strips

Agita's reflections are about trees and problems with clean cuts. About 50% of Latvia is covered by forests, but in every little town there is at least one sawmill. Where is the balance between saved forests and good economic development? “Guidelines” is work that' created to pay attention to the trees, underline the importance of forests.

Human inner stress caused b y social media and society is been visualized in blue fabric installation by shoving increased “Nerves”, that are all over our bodies, but normally invisible an forgotten. This work is about psychological health, that shouldn't be affected by excited titles in social media, that does not matter actually.

Video by Andris Marackovskis 2018. Installation “Guidelines” in Taavetinsaari

Serlachius residency. Mänttä, Finland

2.1.2018. - 28.3.2018.

Agita Marackovska and Andris Marackovskis

In Mänttä we are already two months,
we had artist talk presentation, open studio, pop up exhibition- with ceramic workshop for local people, and coming soon 16.03.2018 Final exhibition.
Agita Maračkovska creating green lines against tree cuting
Andris Maračkovskis create cinetic object with melting ice projection -about ilmaston lampineminen (global warming)


Good news- workin on exhibition video,


Human Body 2018. Installation from ceramic works created during workshop on 17.2. in Mänttä by 33 participants.

All works in exhibition has been created since Januarry in Serlachius residency. Themes for these months were nature, human and city. From these capacious themes we highlighted few ideas in the exhibition that seemed to be especially interesting for us.

The body is full with surprising elements, beautiful shapes, great sources. In the clay workshop “Human Body” we were looking for the most interesting parts in our bodies, tried to discover new and unseen details. We wanted to show humans power, all the many opportunities, he can reach using his body.



Serlachius residency artists  Agita Marackovska and Andris Marackovskisinvites to participate!Workshop HUMAN BODY  Saturday 17.2. 2018, 14:00 – 18:00Working language: English (welcome also without English skills)OPEN STUDIO Saturday 17.2. 2018, 14:00 – 18:00In Alexanterin Linna gallery hall

Report in local Mänttä-Vilppula newspaper KMV-Lehti by Ali Heikkilä

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