“ Noise ”    2013-2014 Fontain      installation

video projection, wood, silicone   200x200x300

“Exorcist”  2013 Fontain installation water,video, video projection,

wood           240x200x300

“Sickness” 2013 Fountain installation, wood, silicone,

water, video 240X200x100

United in    2012 Fountain installation, wood, water,

clay, color spray 450x210x210

complicated Man  2009 installation, wood,

foam plast, wire, clothes, light 400x300x200cm

Incubator          2010      Installation,      foam

plast, iron, porcelain,    tights       130x95x90

We kill them all 2012 Fountain installation, wood,

water, video of nature, 450x400x400


Best friend 2008 installation plaster,suit, flower,

foam plast 170x50x30cm

“Fisherman” 2013 Installation water,concrete

A.šteinberga, A.Maračkovskis 350x200x200

Death 2012 Fountain installation, water, wood

construction, silicone 450x300x100

White steps 2008 Installation,broom,cloth, chalk,

engine,water, angling  400x70x150cm

Bridge 2011Moulding

clay 240X190x180

“-” untilited 2013Fountain installation Wooden structure,

silicone, water, concrete 450x450x450

Cube fixus 2012 Moulding, clay 220 x 100 x 100

way 2008 Installation, glass,wood, bubble maker,

water, photo projection 60x80x15

Habitat 2011Sculpture, plaster,carpet 270x50x50

Animal death 2008 Installation, bones,wood,

video projection 50x50x8

Emotion sector 2011Fountain installation,water, wood,


Fallen Angels 2012Fountain installation,water,

wood construction,silicon 300x400x200

Built with Berta.me